Junior High Schools in Toronto Form Study Habits That Ensure Academic Success

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Instilling Learning Skills and Study Habits in Formative Years to Ensure Academic Success
Junior High Schools in TorontoWhen searching for junior high schools in Toronto, it is important for parents to get a sense of the fundamental values of each institution before selecting one to enroll their children in. Private junior high schools offer students more than just a pathway into secondary and post-secondary institutions. These schools are devoted to developing well-rounded individuals who are capable of analytical thinking and writing, are creative, well socialized and maintain a strong sense of both personal and social responsibility.
The goal of private schools is to not only help students achieve the grades required to enter reputable universities, but also to provide them with the necessary tools to ensure success once they are there. This involves a focus on developing the following:
  • Students who are excellent communicators and problem solvers;
  • Students who are informed and productive thinkers;
  • Students who are capable of being self-directed learners;
  • Students who are actively engaged in their education and aim for personal growth;
  • Students who exude leadership skills and confidence; and
  • Students who have respect for authority, their peers and themselves.
By instilling these values and character traits into children during the formative years of junior high school, parents and teachers are giving them the best gift possible; the ability to become happy, well-rounded and educated individuals who are destined for success.
Benefits of Private School Learning
There are many advantages for students enrolled in private educational institutions that may not otherwise be present in public schools. Private schools believe that a reduced teacher-to-student ratio is fundamental in helping students attain the height of personal success. With smaller classroom sizes, teachers are able to identify areas of strength and weakness and can personally address any issues that may arise in the early stages. No child is simply "just another student”.
In turn, children feel more comfortable engaging in class discussions and establishing relationships with their teachers and other administrators in the school. It is important for these relationships to be nurtured so that personal learning obstacles can quickly be overcome.
The integration of technology is also an important factor in private school education. With the universal dependency on computers rising dramatically, providing students with more than a simple working knowledge of their functions grants them greater advantages when applying for jobs in the future. The goal is that each pupil becomes comfortable using and engaging with technology in their daily lives so that they are open to a wide range of opportunities down the line.
Extra-Curricular Activities
By participating in extra-curricular activities, students learn how to effectively balance leisure time with work, gaining a valuable skill that applies to any stage of life. These clubs, athletic teams and organizations also help students develop meaningful and positive relationships with their peers while giving them the chance to discover their natural gifts and talents in the areas of art, music, culture and sport.
These fundamental skills that are instilled in students contribute to the positive learning environment in private schools, one where each student is encouraged to succeed and attain their own personal best. By enrolling children in a private institution, students are better prepared for future academic challenges.
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